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China Daily: Over 100 experts attend Beijing conference on smart finance

作者:Xing Wen 时间:2019-07-30


An international conference on smart finance co-organized by the Beijing University of Technology; City University of Hong Kong and University of Chinese Academy of Science wrapped up on July 18, attracting over 100 representatives from 35 domestic and overseas universities and institutes.

The event was the first "Belt and Road" themed international academic conference initiated by BJUT, and the two-day program aimed to bring together experts, scholars and leaders in the finance sector to resolve economic challenges faced by countries involved in the BRI.

Reprensentatives from China, the United States, Canada, Poland, South Korea and Ukraine discussed on how to use blockchain, big data and other high-end technologies.

According to Liu Gonghui, the president of BJUT, the university will organize a series of such academic conferences which will mainly focus on urban construction, biology, physics, economics and management as well as environment and energy. And these upcoming events have already attracted over 300 scholars from 13 countries including the US, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and Spain to sign up.


China Daily2019年7月30日: